Impact Cities

Together, let's accelerate the vitality of our social impact ecosystem


Becoming an impact city

We want to understand the key ingredients and levers necessary to accelerate thriving social impact ecosystems. Based on both international best practices and consultations with Montréal change agents, Impact Cities aims to provide the data that supporting actors need to develop programs and orient resources so as to maximize social impact.

This initiative is co-created with the community.


Main Objectives

Empower change agents on the ground with data to better understand the ecosystem in which they operate

Equip support actors with the data to prioritize their funding and inform their program development so as to increase their social impact.

3 steps


1. Developing the theoretical framework

A rigorous analysis of the literature, interviews with local and international experts and consultations with Montreal change agents will inform a framework for understanding the necessary conditions for the emergence of a vibrant social impact ecosystem.

2. Validation

The theoretical framework will then be presented to the community for feedback, more nuances and clarifications based on the realities change agents face on the ground. This study must reflect our collective experience!

3. A portrait of Montreal

By engaging the Montreal social impact community in a series of workshops and discussions, the third phase of this collective initiative will paint a picture of our social impact ecosystem and identify future avenues for action.

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